Press Release by the Supervisor or Elections

Pursuant to the writ by His Excellency The Governor specifying the day and place for the nomination of candidates who will be contesting elections on 15th February 2010, and to the notices of nominations published by the Returning Officers for the seven electoral districts, I wish to remind all concerned as follows: 

(a) The Returning Officers will receive nominations at the House of Assembly on Thursday 21st January 2010 from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm and from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.  If at 4.00 pm only one qualified candidate has been nominated in any of the electoral districts, the Returning Officer shall declare that candidate to be duly elected.

(b) Each candidate for election shall be nominated on one nomination paper by at least two persons who must be registered voters in the electoral district for which the candidate seeks election.  The candidate’s consent to nomination shall be given in writing on the nomination paper and attested by one witness.

(c) Only candidates who are registered voters are eligible for nomination.  Additional qualifications are found in the Anguilla Constitution at section 36 and disqualifications are listed in section 37.

(d) Any candidate duly nominated may, not less than three clear days before the day fixed for taking the poll (not later than 11th February 2010), withdraw from his or her candidature by giving notice to that effect, signed by him, to the Returning Officer, if on the withdrawal there remain not less than two duly nominated candidates.

(e) The Election Act provides that a candidate for election, or someone on his or her behalf, shall deposit with the Returning Officer, on or before the day of his nomination, the amount of $1,000.  In this regard, candidates are requested to pay their deposit into the Treasury and present the receipt to the Returning Officer at the place and time of nomination.

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